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KID A | Kid A | Ring | Silver | φ2.8mm

KID A | Kid A | Ring | Silver | φ2.8mm

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Ring | Sterling Silver | Φ2.8mm

A ring with a 1/4 part of the φ2.8mm ring carved out and decorated. The round curved surface is a calm texture with a matte finish, the excavated part has a rough and dazzling shine, and the contrast is beautiful. It is engraved with a special excavator, and the carved part reflects dazzling. An item inspired by RadioHead album "KID A". * The size other than the size of the finger on the display can also be made. Please contact us. To


A quarter section of a Φ2.8mm ring is carved and decorated. The round curved surface has a matte finish with a soothing texture, while the excavated portion has a rough but dazzling luster, creating a beautiful contrast between the two rings. It is carved with a special excavator, and the carved areas are dazzlingly reflective. This item was inspired by Radiohead's "Kid A" album. *We can also make rings in sizes other than the indicated finger size. Please contact us. Please contact us at .

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