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Canelé Doré | Kanure Dore | Gold Kanure | Paper Weight | Brass

Canelé Doré | Kanure Dore | Gold Kanure | Paper Weight | Brass

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Paper Weight | Brass | 46mm x 38.5mm | 375g

A paper weight that imitates a monument "Kanure" from the Bordeaux region, France. It can be said to be a confectionery based on the SHUN OKUBO designer learned in France. The unique atmosphere of the air will be active in various places on the desk, at the atelier, at the hotel front desk. An object that is so dignified that you feel intelligence somewhere. It comes with a beautifully designed BOX, which is perfect for gifts. We will deliver and deliver with the finest silk ribbon.

* This is a limited product of Edition 100 along with the normal board Kanure.

* Handmade by sand -shaped castingTherefore, there are individual differences in facial expressions such as the texture of each product. note that.

* This "Canelé Dorée" has a stronger gold color that is more glossy than the normal board Kanure.

* Coating is applied to prevent oxidation. * BOX Design: Asuka Wakita

* The price is the price of one product.

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